Message From the Office of the Pastor

''And the disciples were filled with joy and with the Holy Spirit.''

(Acts 13:52) KJV

The Almighty God has given us a wonderful and glorious gift – the Holy Spirit to live inside of us. We don’t deserve this gift, but God loved us so. What is the Holy Spirit telling you to do about your life? Are you seeking Him for direction or wisdom? Or you can handle it all by yourself.

I’ve learned through circumstances to celebrate my journey of life as God works His plan for me. This life in Christ, has given me the best of joys. Through prayer and the Word of God, I’m guided by the Holy Spirit in the direction He wants me to take. Not only does the Holy Spirit guide me into the right directions; He comforts me during hard times, and teaches me to patiently wait.

Because of the Holy Spirit, I have eternal joy. Without God’s gift of the Holy Spirit, my life would be at a definite loss.

For His kingdom’s sake,