Our Pastoral Team

Our congregation strives to follow diligently after God.
This goal is accomplished through a volunteer team effort, including:

* Elders
* Ministers
* Deacons
* Deaconesses
* Group Leaders
* Department Heads
* Staff Members

They all work alongside the pastors who are under the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

Our goal is to have a leadership that models itself after the Jesus-kind of leadership.

We seek to serve God through the “Goals for Souls”, and to serve the needs of others. It is a model that is built upon:

* The vision of the pastor
* Working along with a team of elders, ministers, and department heads.

This leadership team is designed to continually grow in size and effectiveness, therefore, ensuring that the individual and corporate needs of IRT will be met on an ongoing basis.

IRT of Burlington County MC

Pastors: Bishop Dr. Ernest E. Trueblood, Jr.,DD., Exec. Pastor Norma I. Trueblood

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Elders: Elder Jeremias Feliciano, Elder Norma Pizarro, Elder

Ministers: Minister Elizabeth Lloyd, Minister Elizabeth Feliciano

Deacons: Deaconess Miranda A. Marrero, Deaconess Marilyn Marrero

Head of Ushers: Deaconess Marilyn Marrero 

Youth Minister: Deaconess Miranda A. Marrero

Children Church Coordinator: Sis. Celine A. Jones

Worship Team Leader: Bishop Ernest E. Trueblood, Jr. and Sis. Kelly Brolo

Church Administrator: Exec. Pastor Norma I. Trueblood

Ass't. Church Administrator: Min. Elizabeth Lloyd

Audio/Visual Team Coordinator: Bro. Eugene Lloyd