Our Mission

"Goals For Souls"

We the people of International Revival Tabernacle of Burlington County unite together to love God with all our heart, soul, and strength and to love our neighbor as ourselves.

Our basic mission statement is to share the "Love of God." We will seek to accomplish this vision through four components - SALVATION, WORSHIP, PRAYER, AND THE WORD OF GOD. Our commitment is to win souls for the kingdom. 

In short, “GOALS FOR SOULS!”

International Revival Tabernacle of Burlington County is first committed to bring people to Jesus Christ by demonstrating the love of God through the Salvation experience (Goals for Souls).

From the salvation experience love is extended to the Worship of God. Through worship we come to thank God for who He is and give Him worth. Worship moves us to love God through Prayer. Through prayer we have relationship with God. Prayer then leads us to a greater desire to know more of God, which moves us to the Word of God. The result will be a people who are developed in Christ-like maturity, and empowered for ministry within the church and the world in order to magnify God.

IRT is where we are one and CHRIST is ALL!

Vision Statement

"Love to God - Love for your Neighbor"

-Luke 10:27